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Application timeline

January - General application
The first part of your application is a general one, while the second, specific part follows in February and depends on your possible employer and internship. The application deadline for the general pre-appication is the 12th of January 2020. In order to apply, please register on our Echange Platform, create your profile and upload your certificate of enrolment, your grade report, your CV, an English language certificate and a letter of motivation (with no name or signature please).

Applying for an IAESTE internship

In order to be able to apply, you need to be enrolled in a university located in Munich and successfully have completed your first year of your bachelor's degree. You should also be no younger than 18 and no older than 30 years old. The employer may set further individual requirements concerning language and expertise.

1. General application

This is the first part of your application. Please register on our international Exchange Platform and create a profile for yourself. It is particularily important that you fill out the fields "Field of Study" and "Completed Years of Study". After that, please upload the following documents:

1. Your current certificate of enrolment
2. Your current transcript of records (TUMonline: Grade Report)
3. Your CV
4. An English language certificate
5. A motivational letter (containing no name, initials or signature)

The application deadline is the 12th of January 2020

Your application is confirmed once your profile is verified.

Please note: You can edit your application even after clicking "Submit for Verification".

We accept all official English language tests such as the TOEFL, Cambrige, IELTS, TOEIC, (GMAT, TELC, LCCI) as well as the DAAD certificate. For the general application, you may hand in either your highschool Diploma if your level is clearly stated according to the Common European Reference Framework for Languages (A1 - C2) or the certificate of a C1 language course at your university too. However, please note that the employer might require one of the certificates mentioned above, which is why we would advise you to take the DAAD test as soon as possible. Should you not be able to complete the test until after the deadline on January 12th, please hand in a confirmation of your registration for the DAAD test in order to complete your general application.

The most important part of your application is your motivational letter. It should not contain any name, initials or signature - it should be anonymous. You may use "Anonymous" to sign your letter if you wish. We expect you to write about one page A4, which answers the following questions:

  • Why do you want to do an internship abroad?
  • What expectations do you have about this internship?
  • Why go abroad with IAESTE?
  • Why should you get the chance to go abroad on an internship?
Your motivational letter will be rated according to the following criteria:
  • Language and structure. Grammar or spelling mistakes are unacceptable in our digital age. Your text should be clearly structured and use professional language appropriate for an application
  • Technical skills.
  • Extracurricular activities. Do you volunteer in any organisation, or practise any hobbies outside of university?
  • Creativity. There is nothing wrong with a good, normal motivational letter. But what if you could make your application stick out? We have had motivational letters written as poems, post cards or diary entries. Your text should still stay professional, but give it a creative, personal touch.
  • Overall impression. Is your text cohesive? Does it show who you are?

2. Completed application to the employer

On the 22nd of February 2020, our "Platzvergabe" will take place, where we distribute the internships amongst our applicants. Those who receive an internship now need to apply to their future employer. The documents needed for the applications are determined by the employer and listed in the internship offer description. A cover letter as well as a copy of your passportare always part of the application.

This application too is done via our Exchange Platform with a deadline of the 1st of March 2020. Once we see the application in your Exchange Platform profile, you will be connected to your internship offer. There you re-upload your application and thereby automatically notify the employer. Please do not contact your employer. For legal reasons, all communication has to go through IAESTE until you are accepted as an intern.

Once your employer has accepted you as an intern, it is time for applying for a visa, booking your flight, take care of insurances etc. In order to help and assist you here, we offer an Outgoing seminar in April. The exact date will be announced in February. In many cases, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers a travel grant, should your internship be outside of Europe. Check out their website on how to apply and what countries are included.

Any questions?