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Timetable of your application

January - Pre-Application
For an internship in the summer you apply in the winter semester. The application is without binding. Part of this pre-application is a short form in which you tell us your field of study, preferred type of internship etc.. This helps us estimating which kind of internship spots we have to acquire
January - Spots are exchanged
February - Spots are handed out
March - Application and Second Round
April - Leftover spots
May/June - Contact with the employer
June-October - Internship
starting in October - Internship report

Apply for an IAESTE internship

To be able to apply for an internship with IAESTE Munich, you have to be enlisted in a college or university that is located in the Munich metropolitan area. Also you have to be younger than 30 years old and successfully completed the second semester of bachelor. Individual requirements like languages and field of study are set by the employer.
An application is done in two steps:
1. A pre-application with us.
2. If successful, a direct application for an internship spot.

1) Pre-Application with IAESTE Munich

To participate in the IAESTE program, a non binding Pre-Application has to be send to us until the 13th of January 2019.

Applications for an internship abroad in the years 2019/20 start with the next winter semester

2) Application for an internship spot

If you have been offered an internship spot after the distribution round (look at the left column for further information on the timetable of your application) and you accepted it, you have to send all the documents for your application in a single PDF to

Please make sure that
-> the PDF has all the necessary documents in the correct order
-> all the documents are in a single PDF

Generally all in English and/or as requested by the O-form:

◦ Student Nominated Formular (Download). Please only fill out with your computer. Handwritten forms cannot be accepted.

◦ O-Form as the Orginal - please make yourself a copy

◦ Cover Letter to your employer.

◦ Cirriculum Vitae (CV)

◦ Transcript of Records as handed out by the university. Please don't forget to explain all your marks (because for example a 5 is the best mark you can get in Russia).

◦ Language Degree- TOEFL, Cambrigde Certificate or comparable international recognized language test. If you don't have something like this, cheap versions can be found here and here.

◦ Copy of your passport - well readable, Attention: In Russia your passport has to be valid for atleast 18 months at the time you enter the country.

◦ Certificate of enrollement from your collage or university (newest)

◦ as the circumstances require: more documents, if they are wanted in the foreign bid form.

◦ as the circumstances require: health insurance from the DAAD


Any Questions?

are there still some things unclear to you about your internship with IAESTE?