Member Training

What is MAS2?

MAS2 is our annual event for training new members of IAESTE in Germany. MAS2 is organized by the local committee Munich and happens additionally to the annual member training (MAS1) of the national committee.

The goal of MAS2 is to teach the new members the necessary skills that they need to volunteer for IAESTE.



If you want to sign big contracts with the government, decide how your local committee is spending money and take over a very important task in your local committee, then this workshop is for you!

We will teach you how to obtain and manage large amounts of public money as well as how to plan an IAESTE weekend.


Some of you may have already completed an internship with IAESTE. You submitted your application… and suddenly, you were in a different country doing your IAESTE internship.

In this workshop, we will have a detailed look into all the processes involved into realizing an internship offer. After the workshop, you will be able to communicate to others how IAESTE works on the national and international level.


Visiting a country, particularly if it is for the first time, is a big adventure. In this workshop, you will learn how you can help an intern from another country: for example, with accommodation, their first day at work or grocery shopping.

Together we will work out the important aspects of the incoming resort, try to solve some problematic situations and learn how the national committee can support us.

Member Motivation

As the title already suggests, this workshop is about how to best motivate your fellow members!

Some management psychology will be introduced on the theory side, as well as practical tips and tricks for both you and your team to see the point of it all.

The difference between motivating a newbie (which can also be called onboarding) and an older member, as well as the difference between smaller and bigger local committees in this context will be taken into account. Get ready to motivate others!


Every internship offer was raised at some point by somebody. Therefore, jobraising is one of the most important tasks at IAESTE. You need to convince companies and institutions of what we all already know: IAESTE is the best and provides companies various benefits.

The workshop will be exactly about how to do this and what else to keep in mind when raising new jobs. We will also talk about how to keep the DAAD in the loop about what you are doing.


Marketing is just about sharing your passion. You have the stories that make IAESTE so amazing – we will give you the tools to tell the world about it.

You will learn more about marketing strategies, social media marketing and how to successfully promote your events.


Registration is open to all members of IAESTE in Germany. If you want to participate in the member training, contact your IAESTE local committee.

In due time, each local committee will receive an e-mail at the official e-mail address of the local committee with further instructions.

Questions? Contact us!