The annual Mitarbeiterschulung 2 will take place in Munich from the 16th to 18th of November!

To all non-German speakers, a Mitarbeiterschulung is a "member training" so to speak, and in this case it is our fabulous Newbie Event! Because there is two every year and we in Munich host the second one, we call it Mitarbeiterschulung (MAS) 2.

The registration is now closed.

Some of you may have already completed an internship with IAESTE… You submitted your application… something happened… and suddenly you were in a different country doing your IAESTE internship.

In this workshop, we will have a detailed look into the “something happened” and review all the processes involved into realizing an internship offer. After the workshop, you will be able to communicate to others how IAESTE is working on the national and international level, as during the workshop we will review the current system used by IAESTE Germany and also talk about current global trends in regards to exchange.


Visiting a country, particularly if it is for the first time is a big adventure. Some students fear the step to go abroad and that is especially but not only why the incoming should be well organized to help students to get the best possible start in Germany. An Incomer needs accommodation, they have to find their way to work, nearby supermarkets and places to eat and last but not least, they have to receive their DAAD scholarship to pay for all of this.

Together we will work out the important aspects of incoming organization, try to solve some problematic situations and learn how the National Committee can support us. At the end of the workshop you will know exactly what to do from the moment a student gets nominated for an internship until they say goodbye, giving you a sad smile because they will miss the great time they had in your city!


Do you want to sign big contracts with the government?
Do you want to decide how your LC is spending their money?
Do you want to be the "most beloved person" in the entire LC?

If the answer to all this questions is YES then you are a born finance person and should attend the finance workshop to learn how you can make your dream come true!! We will teach you how to get and manage large quantities of public money as well as how to plan an IAESTE weekend so that you can invite a bunch of cool IAESTE interns from all around the world next summer to your LC. See you in Munich!


Hey IAESTE people, jobraising is one of the most important topics at IAESTE. Every intership offer was raised at some point by somebody. To achieve this you need to convince companies and institutions of what we all already know: IAESTE is the best and provides companies various benefits. But we have to communicate this, otherwise the companies won't know.

The workshop will be exactly about how to do this and what else to keep in mind when raising new jobs. We'll also talk about how to keep the DAAD in the loop about what you are doing. So sign up and bring jobraising to the agenda in your LC!

Project management

Through life everybody will encounter setbacks, you’ll have to adapt to changing circumstances and learn to trust others to become successful. Projects are in no way different from that and you can have them in all bites and sizes, from organizing your high-school musical to planning operation Overlord.

See each project as a opportunity to practice and learn dealing with life and you will become the master over your own life. Looking at it from that perspective we bet you would’ve wished somebody ever explained to you the basics of effective project management!? Well don’t worry, we are here!! Subscribe to our workshop and we will show you the most recent insights in effective project management, which will make you able to deal with everything life will throw at you.


Marketing is just about sharing your passion. You have the stories that make IAESTE so amazing - we will give you the tools to tell the world about it. You will learn more about marketing strategies, social media marketing and how to successfully promote your events.