IAESTE as a Partner


The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is an international, non-political, independent organization that provides internships abroad in STEM fields. Germany is represented by the German IAESTE committee in the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The Federal Foreign Office supports IAESTE financially. The internship exchange is coordinated in agreement with the Federal Employment Agency. This service is free of charge. The Munich local committee functions on a voluntary basis.

IAESTE was founded in 1948 at the Imperial College of London to contribute to and promote international understanding. Germany has been a member since 1950.
The local committee of Munich has the official status of a registered organization: “IAESTE an der TUM e.V.”. The local committee is one of the largest in Germany.

Our local committee has two offers for companies:

Internship matching

International internship exchange is the main goal of IAESTE and thereby of IAESTE Munich.

  • International students
  • STEM fields
  • 2-3 month long internship
  • Free of charge
  • Supported by DAAD and the Federal Foreign Office

Company Excursions

Complementary to our main program, we offer the opportunity to organize an excursion to your company for Munich students.

  • Students from universities of Munich
  • STEM fields
  • Single day excursion
  • Price on request
  • Initiative of IAESTE Munich

Internship Matching

Your Benefits

Minimal effort

We take care of the visa, work permit, accommodation and any social activities outside of work. We also check language proficiency. As an employer, you only need to tell us the qualifications your potential intern should have, and we find a matching student.

Free of charge

The service is completely free of charge for you. Health, accident and personal liability insurance is covered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Potential employees

Many students enjoy their internship with IAESTE so much, that they want to stay at the company. Thanks to the efforts of the local committee, the intern can settle very fast in Germany.

You have the final say

By taking part in the IAESTE program you don’t enter into any obligations. You decide, if the profile of a potential trainee matches your expectations.

International expertise

Our interns often have very good English skills, so that your co-workers can practice their English. Furthermore, interns offer a glimpse of a foreign working culture and can possibly even open up new markets.

Experience abroad

You additionally enable Munich students to go abroad. For every internship offer that you provide in Munich, we get an offer from our international partners for Munich students in response.

Our Requests

Our internships are usually conducted in English. In individual cases it is also possible to conduct them in German.

We expect a salary that covers at least the living expenses during the internship. If minimum wage does not apply, we base our estimation of living expenses on the maximum amount paid by BAFÖG, which is 861 euros per month. In individual cases, it is possible to obtain partial financing from the DAAD. Please contact us for details.

Most internships last for 2-3 months and take place in summer. In general, any time periods between 4 and 52 weeks all year round are possible.


January 1, 2019

Register on the Exchange Platform (EP)

Internship exchange runs online over our Exchange Platform, where you should register as an employer.

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

Submit an internship offer

You should submit your internship offer over the EP. Please fill in a form in which you state the required qualifications, duration of the internship, starting date, kind of work, etc. It is possible to save a draft of an offer.

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

Students apply at IAESTE

At the same time, students from all over the world apply for an internship at IAESTE.

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019


We match internship offers with students.

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019


Candidates are suggested to employers. If an employer rejects a student, we will try to find a new candidate. If we don’t succeed, the employer cancels the offer.

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

Arrange the details

We discuss the details of the internship with the employer. The intern and the DAAD take care of the visa, work permit and other formalities.

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019


The internship starts. We take care of the student in Munich: we find accommodation in one of our flats, help with the documents, offer weekly meetings and organize weekend trips.

January 1, 2019

We also arrange internships independently of this yearly cycle. The basic procedure stays the same, apart from the dates given above.

Company Excursions

The IAESTE Company Shuttle is a series of company excursions with recruiting character, aimed at Munich students. The participating students therefore are not part of the program presented above, but instead are all enrolled at one of the universities in Munich. The goal of these excursions is to establish contact between departments of a company and the students for possible final theses, student jobs or industrial internships. We take care of advertising at Munich universities and organize transport to and from the event. In order to reach students with the appropriate field of study for the specific location, we kindly ask you to inform us about specific wishes regarding the field of study in advance.

The excursions take place from May to June, as the short duration of the semester that begins at that time motivates students to do something new. We also have enough time to advertise your company and the excursion in the lecture halls. It should be noted that appointments should be made as soon as possible, so that you can arrange for premises, and we can take care of marketing events.

Because the IAESTE Company Shuttle is not supported by the DAAD, we unfortunately cannot offer you this service free of charge. Please contact us to inquire about an individual offer.

The feedback of the participants from past excursions showed, that a tour of the company premises, a technical lecture and a shared meal or a small snack with engineers and employers from the human resources department were all very appreciated.

Experience has also shown that a maximum group size of 15 people can intensify the exchange of information, which makes such an excursion more effective and successful.

Whether the excursion is held in German or English is up to you. However, since German is not the native language of 40% of all students at the TU Munich, we recommend that the excursion be held in English.

We will send you the CVs we have collected as well as signed data protection declarations (required to forward and store this personal data) two weeks in advance of the agreed excursion date. You then have one week to look through the applications and select the most interesting candidates. This will ensure that you and the students can prepare for the excursion in a relaxed manner. For questions on further details you can reach us by e-mail and then also by telephone.

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