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Information for students

The Local Committee of IAESTE Munich provides technical internships abroad primarily for students of the Munich universities in all technical and scientific disciplines. In addition, we also like to students from universities in the immediate vicinity of Munich without its own IAESTE representative (eg, Deggendorf, Ingolstadt, Landshut, Rosenheim, ...). There are places in both the industry and at research institutes. Most IAESTE internships last 2-3 months, and often take place in the summer months. The internships are usually paid, the credit is calculated according to the typical cost of living. The IAESTE local committee of the host country responsible for the trainees to find accommodation and carry out all necessary formalities. This service is free for enrolled students in Germany. This is made possible by the inclusion of the IAESTE program in the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

  • Internships in all fields of engineering and science
  • Internships in the industry as well as in research institutes
  • Duration about 2-3 months, often during summer
  • Income complies to the costs of living in the destination country. Regularly, the local comittee in the destination country cares about accomodation and formalities

How can I apply for an internship through IAESTE?

First of all, we expect that you have completed your pre-diploma or the third semester of your Bachelor/Master studies. If you fulfil this requirement, you have basically two options to get an internship through IAESTE:

1.) The regular application procedure

By submitting an application, all interested parties will be included in the applicant pool. This Vorbewerbung can be submitted from September through November. Only in Munich and around Munich enrolled students can apply for an internship with us. All others please contact the LC in their study. Depending on the specified boundary conditions (country needs, period, qualifications), then any interested party will be offered a place. As every year in Munich about 40 to 50 seats have available and the number of applicants is about 180 are set to a place up to four candidates. With several commitments, we decide on the basis of the applications on the final allocation of places.
The deadline for submitting an application each year on 30 November. The internships will be conveyed in the following year (usually in the summer months) instead.
The end of the regular application process is described in detail here.


2.) Late offers

Finally, there is an international IAESTE database which contains a regularly updated list of internship offers that also have to be filled on short notice. Kindly supported by IAESTE Local committee Karlsruhe we can offer the up-to-date list here. This list is accessible worldwide and therefore the internships may be filled quickly by someone else. Please notice that the list does not contain all information because of data privacy issues. The list is updated regularly, so if you visit the web page often remember to „refresh“ or „reload“. If you want to know more about the internships or are interested in a particular internship offer you are welcome to visit us in our office during the office hours. We will then try to reserve the internship for you!


The benefits of an IAESTE internship

IAESTE internships have following benefits:

  • No time-consuming search for an internship
  • IAESTE supports you about the formalities (work permit, visa, etc.)
  • Accommodation will usually be organized
  • The Local committee of the destination country will take care of you (trips, parties, etc.)
  • Salary covers basically the living costs in your destination country
  • An allowance may be granted for the travel costs when travelling to non-european countries


What we offer as well

  • Assistance with your application
  • Trainee Reports from previous IAESTE Outgoers
  • Assistance with your preparations for the internship



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