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DAAD Travelling Allowance

Students of all fields of study who want to take an internship abroad (compulsory or recommended by the university), can apply for a traveling allowance provided by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). The internship should have a minimum period of 4 weeks and should not exceed 12 months.
Foreign students can apply, if they fulfill the criteria of §8 BAföG or if they are from EU-EEA (European Economic Area)-countries and have a right for permanent stay according to §4a FreizügG.
However, the travelling allowance can only be granted for internships in non-European-countries and Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Iceland, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia and Montenegro, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.
The current rates for the allowance are available here (2010). Further information can be found in the guidelines of 2014 or on the DAAD website.

Since 2014 applications for the travelling allowance have to be submitted through the DAAD online portal. The application must be submitted before the beginning of the internship, ideally 2 months before.

Necessary documents

The list of documents, which have to be submitted, can be found on the application portal during the application an in the guidelines (see above). Some specific notes about these documents:

  1. Certificate of the faculty / department of university

    This form has to be completed, signed and stamped by a responsible person of the faculty / department of the university. It states that all requirements for an approval of your internship are fulfilled. This is subject to the condition that the internship is compulsory or recommended for your field of studies.

  2. Language certificate

    This document certifies your language skills. Usually you have to proof at least your English language skills, depending on the internship. The form has to be completed and signed by a professor or university lecturer. Language tests are offered by the language center of the TUM.
    Please always use the form provided for the DAAD language certificate!
    TOEFL test, Cambridge Certificate, IELTS, UNI-Cert, UCLES or TOEIC are also accepted, if they are not older than 2 years.

  3. Confirmation of employer

    The confirmation of your employer must contain details about the exact period and the contents/tasks of your internship. It must also provide information about the required language skills. The form has to be signed and stamped by your employer. IAESTE-trainees can use the form N5/a.

  4. Proof of study progress

    As a proof you have to submit:
    Diploma students: A copy of the pre-diploma certificate.
    Bachelor students: A performance record containing all previous exams AND a copy of your last school’s graduation certificate.
    Master students: A performance record containing all previous exams AND a copy of your Bachelor certificate.
    Everyone else may submit similar proof.

  5. Motivational letter

    For granting a traveling allowance the DAAD expects a motivational letter of about half an A4 page. You should explain some details about your internship and the relevance for your studies.

  6. Confirmation of enrollment and copy of passport

    The confirmation of enrollment stating that you are registered at the university and your passport have to be valid for the full period of your internship. An updated confirmation of enrollment can be handed in later, if necessary.

  7. For Non-German citizens: Certificate of entitlement according to §8 BAföG OR (EU-EEA-citizens) the right of permanent stay in Germany according to §4a FreizügG

    This certificate for entitlement is available at the BAföG office.
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