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Thu, 19 May 2011


IAESTE Online Career Fair 2014 – One click ahead!

The IAESTE Online Career Fair taking place from 12.05.2014-23.05.2014 is an exceptional event, which aims to connect companies, universities and students in Europe in order to foster cross-border collaboration in R&D and increase mobility of engineers and scientists.

On the virtual career platform, participants have the chance to take a look at company profiles, apply for job opportunities and chat with company representatives to get a better impression about working conditions, current projects and company culture.

A participating company has the possibilities to present itself to potential employees very comfortably out of the office and to interact via live chat. Besides that, we offer you space for various other advertisements to present your company: e.g. videos, explicit job offers, career talk and more.

At the last event in February 2013, 17 companies participated and we counted more than 5000 unique visitors. More than 850 students registered, uploaded their CV and applied for job offers.

For further information, please take a look at or follow us on

IAESTE Online Career Fair Spring 2014: 12 to 23 May, 2014

Are you interested? We will be glad to answer your questions. Just write an E-Mail to

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